Stick-n-String Traditional Archery

Wood 2009


April 11, 2009

James and I decided it was about time to get some osage.  I have a friend that has some family land with some
osage on it and he was gracious enough to allow a trade of one of my bows for the opportunity to cut.

We walked the 20 acre plot and found several opportunities for bow wood.  This fine specimen was located right on a field edge. 
It was too wet to drive the field but still, less than 100 yards of carrying is better than average for me. 

We got out the Stihl and planned the atttack.
James is ready for some hauling :)

A notch, a cut and "Timberrrrrr"  Easy as far.
This tree had a 12" or so diameter and about 11' of fairly clear stuff at the bottom.

It also had the thickest rings I have ever seen on osage.  If I hadn't cut it myself, I'd guess this was mulberry  The tension side had 3/8" rings and the compression side rings were 1/2" or so.
The tree was only 15 or so years old.  But, it seems to be good, dark dense wood.  I'll see when I get to making bows.

Again, James is still smiling :)

First we need to get her into manageable chunks.   We start at the end with the axe.  Don't use your good, expensive axe for this.


The split is starting.

Driving it home.

Walking it down with the wedges...

...and popping the quarters apart.

Now who's gonna' carry all this stuff?

Oh, I guess I'll do it!  Back at the truck.

And then back home after splitting the quarters into staves and billets and brushing shellac on the exposed backs from belly splits and the ends.

It's like gold I tell ya'.  I got 8+ staves and maybe 2-3 bows worth of billets.  Oh yeah, and a walking stick or two.