Stick-n-String Traditional Archery

Roughing Out A Selfbow - Page 3

The center of the bow is marked with the "C".  The upper limb is to your left.   The handle is 1.5" above the center line towards the upper limb and 2.5" towards the lower limb.  This balances the bow and keeps our arrow launching close to the centerpoint.  The fades are 2.25" for the upper limb and then 2" for the lower.  Then I go 6.25" up from that on the upper limb and 6" on the lower limb to start my taper towards the tips.  Again, mark these areas and measure 5/8" on either side of center.  Then connect the dots.  On snaky bows it's much more complicated. 
I use a yardstick and a Quick-Grip clamp to help me lay it out straight. 
And here it is. 
A little work on the bandsaw and the profile is almost done.  A little cleanup with the rasp and a doublecheck on dimensions are all that is left. 
Scribe a line for rough thickness.  Here I'm at about 3/4".  You'll see I missed cutting around that side knot.  Big mistake that forced a wrap later on with this bow.  But still, it made a real nice shooter that still competes in some shoots today.  Not with me at the helm though :) 
And cut it out.  Now she's ready for floor tillering and then on to Stalking Tiller.