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James' Doe 2007

James Doe 2007

James' Doe

December 1, 2007

This is my son James. 2007 was his first year hunting.  This hunt took place in early December 2007 in Parke County, Indiana.  The weather was a bit cold and a bit windy. We settled into our blind about 7:15 and waited for one of the 13 does I saw last weekend to walk by. None were apparently going to so about 9:15, with James calling for some action, we put out some doe estrous scent and then started a series of calling where he was a grunting buck and I was a bleating doe. I don't know if that worked any magic but it sure was lucky as this doe and a smaller one come busting in at about 50 yards.

We ditch the calls and bring up the guns. Both deer pose broadside as I center the big one in my scope. James whispers "I don't remember how to work this thing" in reference to his single shot 20 gauge. I think there was a little doe fever in action.  I'm sorta hoping he has a shot at the smaller one as I was the designated dragger as I reply calmly "Pull the hammer back".

He does and then takes aim. Click. "James, you have to take the safety off"

"Oh yeah"

Pulls the hammer back again and then says with alarm "But Dad, I need hearing protection". (Lessons on the range taking hold despite the fever.)

"James, just shoot her".

BOOM, deer flinches but doesn't drop. In the confusion, I think James forgot to re aim but I drop the big doe with a shot to the neck, just in case he hit her. The little one runs off a ways. We get out of the blind to follow up on the doe who is still wiggling a bit. The little one comes back and I tell James to reload. He never got a shot as she took off.


<>As we approach the downed doe, I see a wound in the ham. Turns out James did hit her with what probably was not a fatal shot but certainly was enough to claim first blood. We called it a team effort. I let him tag her though so officially, it's his first deer. He was thrilled and so was I except the doe was huge. The biggest I've ever dragged, uphill, about 200 yards!  Still, we got her done and James and I spent the rest of the afternoon skinning, boning and processing.


Thanks for looking.