Stick-n-String Traditional Archery

Cloverdale 2009

This was my 12th year at the Cloverdale Traditional Archery Nationals in Cloverdale, IN.  It is almost always a great time and this one didn't dissapoint.

For the past 7 or 8 years a group of people have been making kid's bows at the shoot and giving them to kids who didn't have a bow to shoot.  This was begun by Dean Torges, master bowyer and author, from Ostrander, Ohio.  This year we had an outpouring of both financial support and labor for the cause.  Each kids gets a rattan bow and a couple arrows.  Armguards, tabs and gloves have been a regular contribution also.  Thanks to all that helped out this year.  If you'd like to learn more about how to do this, you can EMAIL ME or go to Dean Torges website at

The kids all had a change to decorate their bows.  These 3 sibs put some serious sweat equity into their bows.

 "Hey bro, nice bow!"

Nice form. 



"Did I hit it Mom?"





Many hands...

...make for light work. 


The Saturday night Meatfest at Ferret's Campsite is always one of the highlights! 

There was at least one opportunity for some serious craftsmanship.  Here Shane Alexander gives a knapping lesson. 

And I've heard there is a pic of a good example of a napping lesson so I'll have to get that and post it.