Stick-n-String Traditional Archery

August 23, 2009 Squirrel Hunt

I went on a morning scouting and squirrel hunting trip.  This was on some public land in Southern Indiana that I did not know too well so I was planning on moving fast and if I got lucky on a squirrel, so be it.  If not, well I was scouting then. 

I covered most of the ground I wanted by around 10:00 am so I slowed way down and eventually heard a squirrel in a tree.  He was about 50 yards away and 40 feet up in a tree.  I was able to sneak up a creek bed and close the distance to about 15 yards.  As I watched him on the edge of the limb highlighted below, I as pretty sure most of his body was covered by the limb.  

I watched for a while hoping he'd move but he just sat there munching on a nut.  Finally, I got my binoculars out and saw that what I thought was limb was actually squirrel and I had a shot.  I focused as hard as possible and let fly.  I was almost shocked when I saw him fall from the tree impaled by my arrow.  He hit hard and I scrambled up the bank.  This is how I found him.

So the Ambush Bow finally made meat.  Come October, I plan on a bigger pile at the end of the arrow.